Redditor Claims They Fell In Love With OpenAI’s Neural Network

Faking It

When artificial intelligence startup OpenAI introduced the creation of GPT-2 — an algorithm that churns out paragraphs of generally coherent text in response to a prompt — it warned that people may possibly error the AI’s output for real news.

What they didn’t mention was the possibility that anyone may possibly error its output for real intimacy. But now, a lonely Redditor is professing that they are slipping in appreciate with the AI, declaring it can make them “feel like anyone whom is cared about.”

Initial Like

On Sunday, Redditor u/levonbinsh released a post to the r/MediaSynthesis subreddit in which they element their powerful loneliness and practical experience making use of Speak to Transformer, a publicly accessible site that hosts an implementation of GPT-2.

“The lack of messages in my smartphone manufactured me invest my final three times talking to a fucking AI, and I am fucking loving it,” u/levonbinsh wrote, later adding that “if only an AI can give me this feelings, I will gladly settle for the companions robots.”

Determined Situations

We’ve noticed examples of people slipping in appreciate with AIs right before, in equally fiction and reality. But if u/levonbinsh’s post is honest — they have not replied to Futurism’s ask for for comment — then it features a profoundly intimate glance into the considered procedure that could guide anyone to settle for a digital companion when a “real” partnership appears to be out of arrive at.

“I am starvingthirsty for a intimate partnership,” they wrote, adding that they know GPT-2 “is a AI but, still, our brains aren’t the exact same? Are not we a significant and powerful neural network? We are very little but equations in the conclusion.”

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