How to Replace Aluminum Storm Window Latches

If you have been having challenges with your aluminum storm window latches these days, it may possibly be time for their alternative. Set up is not tough, and it need to only take you a several minutes to exchange the old with the new. Make certain that you also get a latch plate as effectively, just in situation the current one is a diverse dimension and will not get the job done with the new latches. In this article is your guideline to get begun:

Move one – Remove the Aged Latch

Just after you have obtained the new latch set, take out the old latch set from the storm window. You do this by utilizing your screwdriver to take out the screws that saved the latch in position. Set the screws near by in situation you need them once more. Then take the latch off the window.

Move 2 – Remove the Plate (Optional)

If you are getting rid of the plate as effectively, just take out the screws just like you did right before. Set these to the aspect, separate from the many others so you know what screws go with what element. Then take out the plate from its position on the window.

Move 3 – Look at the Latch and Plate

Get the latches you obtained and match them to the new plate. Make certain the holes line up properly so the two components will latch collectively.

Move 4 – Screw in the New Plate

Screw the plate into the spot the old one occupied and protected it tightly with your screwdriver. You may possibly have to regulate the holes a minimal bit with a drill if the new latch isn’t going to in shape properly. Just make a mark wherever the new holes need to go, then drill and screw properly.

Move 5 – Connect the Latches

Now position the new latches wherever the old types were being. Make certain they line up properly and then screw them in with your Philips head screwdriver. Pull on them a bit to assure that they are on there wonderful and tight.

Move six – Exam the Latch

Make certain latches latch properly. If they do, the occupation is concluded and you can hire the new latches for your aluminum storm home windows as a great deal as you want. If anything does not in shape correctly, not you may possibly have to do some changes till they latch effortlessly. This may possibly include transferring the screw holes like you did right before or just tugging on all the things a bit. You can loosen the screws and shift the unit till the latch will work. Then tighten the screws after once more and see if it will work.

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