Honeysuckle Vine Pruning Tips

Honeysuckle is a wonderful vine on the surface area, but beneath the aromatic flowers is a nightmare of tangles. Pruning honeysuckle can be a obstacle for even the most knowledgeable gardener. But, observe a number of easy strategies and you can reduce the stress, tame your honeysuckles, and generate a fuller, more flower-laden vine in your yard.

“Honeysuckles are inclined to mature bushy on the top rated and shade out the bottom expansion. Common teaching and pruning will permit solar to attain the bottom and assistance stay clear of this problem,” Karen Thurber, our expert gardening advisor, says.

About Honeysuckles

Honeysuckle vines selection in dimension from one/four inch to the thickness of a modest tree, or about ten inches or more in diameter.

“There are above 180 species of honeysuckle, and about 20 are indigenous to the United States. Some honeysuckles are invasive, this kind of as the Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) and the Tararian Honeysuckle (Lonicera tararian). Planting these in regions with a ton of rain, and moderate winters, permits them to outcompete indigenous crops,” Thurber adds.

When to Prune a Honeysuckle

You can prune honeysuckle any time following the plant has turn into set up, and most kinds can be pruned in drop or spring.

Japanese Honeysuckle

There are two varieties of honeysuckle. The Japanese honeysuckle is most effective pruned in the spring, commonly in March or April following it starts to mature.

Dutch Honeysuckle

The most effective time to prune Dutch honeysuckle is when it is dormant, commonly in late drop, or in the spring ahead of it begins to display indicators of expansion.

Neglected Honeysuckles

If you have an aged, neglected honeysuckle vine of either kind‚ prune it in the spring. Untie it or clip it from its assist framework, very first. Then, lay it out and start off by pruning the oldest vines. It will consider a year or more to arrive back again and flower, so be patient.

How to Prune Honeysuckle

Step one – Remove Dying Vines

As with any plant or vine, very first remove any useless, broken, diseased, or dying vines. Lower them to at the very least two inches into live expansion. You really should use typical pruning shears, even though quite a few gardeners choose loppers, which permit them to attain into much larger stands and reduce out thicker vines.

Step two – Lower Back Tangled Vines

Soon after useless vines are removed, reduce back again overly tangled, wandering, or rogue vines. Thinning out the plant by removing whole branches will permit for less complicated teaching and upkeep. The moment these vines are out of the way, search for non-manufacturing vines. You can tag these with colored threads, or by dabbing them with a place of paint during the flowering time.

Soon after Pruning

The moment you’ve pruned your honeysuckle vine, there is nonetheless do the job to be finished. It is significant to educate your new expansion. Right teaching indicates tying the vines to new assist constructions like lattice, poles, and fences. Right assist and teaching not only would make it less complicated to prune the vines the adhering to year, but also allows you motivate flowering by means of more efficient pinching.

“Keep in mind to water and hold the plant moist, specially in the spring when new expansion begins. Mulching the soil will assistance maintain even humidity,” Thurber endorses.

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