2019 SAAS Private Survey Results- Part 1

For the seventh 12 months in a row, we’re proud to perform with KBCM Technological innovation Group (formerly Pacific Crest Securities) to share success from a survey of ~424 non-public SaaS companies.

Thank you to the audience of forEntrepreneurs who participated in using the survey! Thank you also to David Spitz (@dspitz) and the workforce at KBCM Technological innovation Group for their perform on the survey.

Portion One will glimpse at the pursuing (The comprehensive report can be downloaded in this article):

  • Survey Participant Composition
  • Expansion Costs
  • Go-To-Current market and Sales and Advertising and marketing
  • CAC Rations and CAC Payback
  • Functions

Agent statistics on the survey participants:

  • $8.7MM median 2018 Ending ARR1, with ninety seven companies >$25MM
  • Median natural and organic progress in ARR in 2018 was +forty% and +35% for companies >$25MM
  • Median staff members (FTEs): ~90
  • Median buyer count: ~300
  • ~$28K median annual deal value 
  • sixty five% headquartered in the U.S.

Summary Look at of Median 2018 SaaS Metrics Performance 

Respondents: Organic and natural ARR Expansion: 225, Resources of Gross New ARR Bookings: 214, Blended CAC: 197, 2018 In-12 months Cash Consumption Ratio: a hundred seventy five, Cumulative Cash Consumption Ratio: 158, Gross Dollar Churn: 216

Survey Participant Composition

Survey Participant Geography (HQ)


Survey Participant Dimension Distribution

Human Cash Efficiency

Respondents (ARR for every FTE Efficiency): 422, <$2.5MM: 99, $2.5MM-$5MM: 52, $5MM-$10MM: 71, $10MM-$25MM: 103, $25MM-$50MM: 46, $50MM-$100MM: 36,>$100MM: fifteen

Expansion Costs

Organic and natural ARR Expansion

Notice: Excludes progress from M&A

Respondents: Total: 324, <$2.5MM: 60, $2.5MM-$5MM: 39, $5MM-$10MM: 57, $10MM-$15MM: 36, $15MM-$25MM: 47, $25MM-$35MM: 17, $35MM-50MM: 23, $50MM-$75MM: 25, $75MM-$100MM: 8,>$100MM: 12

Organic and natural ARR Expansion Histogram

How Fast Did You Develop ARR Organically in 2018?

Notice: Excludes companies with adverse or no natural and organic ARR progress

162 respondents

Expansion vs. Melt away Tradeoff

Notice: Excludes companies with adverse or no natural and organic ARR progress

128 respondents

Median Expansion As A Functionality Of Deal Dimension

Median Yearly Deal Benefit (ACV): annual recurring SaaS revenues, excluding professional services, perpetual licenses and connected routine maintenance for the median buyer deal

Notice: Median worth may well differ due to unique sample inhabitants

Respondents/Median ARR: Total: 183, <$5K: 27/$14MM $5K-$15K: 30/$13MM $15K-$25K: 15/$18MM $25K-$50K: 37/$16MM $50K-$100K: 25/$19MM $100K-$250K: 30/ $24MM>$250K: 19/$33MM

Median Expansion Price As A Functionality Of Focus on Client

1 Focus on Client Emphasis – At least 2/3rds of revenue occur from designated buyer base

Notice: Company companies outlined as primarily concentrating on customers with >1000 staff members, Center Current market as 100-999 staff members, SMB as twenty-100 staff members and VSB as <20 employees

Respondents: Total: 225, Company: seventy eight, Company / Center Current market & Center Current market: 85, Center Current market / SMB & SMB: 34, SMB / VSB & VSB: seventeen, Mixed: eleven

Reliance on Upsells & Expansions

1 Features ~2.5% attributable to Cost Boosts

Respondents: Total: 214, $5MM-$10MM: fifty two, $10MM-$15MM: 35, $15MM-$25MM: 44. $25MM-$50MM: 39, $50MM-$100MM: 32, >$100MM: 12

Go-To-Current market And Sales And Advertising and marketing

Most important Manner Of Distribution

1 Most important Manner of Distribution outlined by figuring out the best contributor to new sales and confirming that it is at least a twenty% stage better contributor than any other.  If no mode satisfies these situations, then it is Mixed

144 and 155 respondents, respectively

Median Expansion Price As A Functionality Of Sales Method

Respondents/Median ARR: Total: 141, Discipline Sales: 84/$22MM, Inside Sales: forty/$15MM, Mixed: seventeen/$24MM

Notice: Online Sales and Channel Sales excluded due to small sample dimension: Online Sales: three/$17MM, Channel Sales: 5/$12MM

Most important Manner Of Distribution As A Functionality Of First Median Deal Dimension

Respondents: Total: 251, <$1K: 7, $1K-$5K: 47, $5K-$15K: 42, $15K-$25K: 22, $25K-$50K: 48, $50K-$100K: 42, $100K-$250K: 28,>$250K: fifteen.

Evaluation Of Discipline vs. Inside Sales In Vital Crossover Offer Dimension Tiers

1 The % of dollar ARR below deal at the conclusion of the prior 12 months which was missing throughout the most the latest 12 months (excludes the gains of upsells and expansions)

2 The % transform in ACV from current customers, ensuing only from the outcome of churn, upsells / expansions and price tag improves

three Totally-loaded sales & marketing invest divided by new ARR factors excluding churn

Respondents: Total: 44, Discipline-Dominated: 27, Inside-Dominated: seventeen

Profits & Marketing Shell out vs. Expansion Price


S&M Composition: Sales vs. Marketing Value

Respondents: Overall: 132, Discipline Sales: seventy eight, Inside Sales: 38, Mixed: sixteen

Notice: Online Sales three and Channel Sales 5, excluded due to small sample dimension

S&M Composition: Sales vs. Marketing Value Near-UP

2 Respondents higher than the 75th percentile

three Respondents beneath the twenty fifth percentile

 Respondents: Overall: 132, Discipline Sales: seventy eight, Inside Sales: 38, Mixed: sixteen

CAC Rations And CAC Paybacks

CAC Ratio Definitions

Notice that we acknowledge some companies may well believe that it’s correct to believe a slight timing difference in their CAC Ratio assessment – S&M expenses figuring out future period of time ARR bookings, but for simplicity and consistency, we do not try to seize these kinds of assumptions in this article

Distribution Of 2018 CAC Ratios

Notice: Centered on 2018 CAC Ratios

1 See definitions on website page 25

Respondents: Blended CAC: 197, New ARR from New Client: 195, Upsells to Present Client: 152, Expansions: 137

CAC Payback Period (Gross Margin Basis)

Implied CAC Payback Period: Defined as # of months of subscription gross gain needed to get well the absolutely-loaded value of attaining a buyer calculated by dividing CAC ratio by subscription gross margin

Respondents: New Client CAC Payback: 162, Blended CAC Payback Period: a hundred seventy five

CAC And Cash Efficiency

2 Cash eaten outlined as whole most important cumulative equity elevated in addition credit card debt drawn minus cash on the harmony sheet (modified for dividends / distributions)

Notice: Excludes companies with adverse or no natural and organic ARR progress

122 respondents

New Client CAC Ratio By Most important Manner Of Distribution

Respondents: Total: 181, Discipline Sales: 102, Inside Sales: 57, Mixed: 22.  Excludes Channel Sales: 6, Online Sales: 8


Subscription Gross Margin

185 respondents

Notice: Respondents asked to again out inventory-centered comp. expenses and incorporate buyer support expenses

SaaS Application Delivery Tendencies Considering that 2014

Described “predominant” mode of shipping and delivery

Respondents: 2014: 297 2015: 282 2016: 289 2017: 384 2018: 245 2019: 274 three Yrs from Now: 270

SaaS Application Delivery Manner As A Functionality Of Dimension Of Company

Respondents: Total: 192, $5M-$10M: forty seven, $10M-$15M: 32, $15M-$25M: 41, $25M-$40M: twenty, $40M-$60M: 23, $60M-$100M: 19, >$100M: ten

Subscription Gross Margin As A Functionality Of Application Delivery

Respondents: Total: 252, Amazon Website Services (AWS): 148, Google Cloud: eighteen, Salesforce: 5, Microsoft Azure: 23, Other 3rd-Celebration: 8, Hybrid / Multi-Cloud: ten, Other folks: 9, Self Managed Servers: 31

Skilled Services (%Of 1st 12 months ARR) As A Functionality Of Focus on Client

Respondents: Total: 137, Company: fifty two, Company / Center Current market: fifty six, Center Current market / SMB: 22, SMB / VSB: seven, excludes Mixed: four, due to small sample dimension and respondents indicating no professional expert services

Evaluation Of Sales Commission Amounts

Notice: For the definition of Most important Manner of Distribution, be sure to see website page seventeen

Notice: Decreased bound is inclusive

Respondents: Total: 208, Discipline Sales: 126, Inside Sales: 82

Profits Commissions As A Functionality Of Median First Deal Dimension

Respondents: Total: 222, <$5K: 38, $5K-$15K: 37, $15K-$25K: 20, $25K-$50K: 49, $50K-$100K: 31, $100K-$250K: 27,>$250K: twenty

Direct Commissions For Renewals, Upsells and Multi-12 months Promotions







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